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Sponsored Magnet Info

Money tight, budget too, don't let that stand in your way.. School Calendar Magnets are a wonderful item that many businesses are happy to sponsor. Many schools have found that students have parents who own a local business and are more then happy to sponsor a calendar magnet for their child's school.

Here is a list of the more popular businesses looking to sponsor magnets, do you have one in your area?

Dentist / Orthodontists - Drivers Ed - Local Eatery - Real Estate Agent - Insurance Company - Auto Body Shop - Lawyers - Construction Companies - Plumbers - Electricians
Hair Salons - Banks and Credit Unions to name but a few of the businesses we have worked with.

Below are a few examples of magnets done with sponsors involved. Larger ones work great when you have more then 1 sponsor.

4 x 7 Sponsored Magnet Designs

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